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Vias Faculty

Our faculty
In Vedanta we have the largest capital of the best experience teachers. We have kept the process of selection of teachers very difficult, after the completion of several steps and the decision of appointment and stability of the teachers is based on students feedback. Based on this selection process, we have been appointed specialist teachers for each section of the General Studies, which are very popular among students for their, comprehensive knowledge and interesting presentations. Section-wise introduction of our teacher group can be obtained from the office. Please note that sometimes (in very rare conditions) a situation may arise that students’ feedback is not in favor of any teacher. In such a situation, vision management can change any teacher. Our clear policy is that students should get the best teachers. Ÿ Most of the faculty members of the Vedanta IAS Academy have minimum 10 years of experience in their subject we also provide Guest lecture from the eminent personality and IAS, IPS, IRS and the professors of the Universities.

Teaching Methodology
The Teaching Methodology is a special teaching system of Vedanta-which separates it from the rest of the institutions. Some of the features of this teaching system are as follows: It is not advisable to remember or stop any subject without thinking. It is to be tried that every student understands the basic information and the students feels comfortable in answering the questions that are being asked about. Our teachers do not believe in writing student sin class just because they spend lot of time unproductive. But our teachers prepare themselves detailed notes and give them to the students so that they do not read separately in the classroom, those point are written in the class that are in discussion for some reason or demand specific analysis. There is a detailed and interesting discussion on every topic in the classroom. Smooth - Smoother, entertaining and practical examples. Concepts are explained to students while doing this. Trying to use technical features like video, projector and the Internet, try to show intangible subjects in the form of visuals/pictures etc., in the minds of the students. Students have the right to ask questions to teachers to solve their curiosity. All our teachers try to satisfy all the curiosity related to the topic of the students.

Vedanta IAS Academy provides three types of the class room program

Personalised Coaching
Individual attention is given to each and every student irrespective of one’s standing in terms of learning at any point of time. We never increase our batch size beyond a limit, as this facilitates proper Student- Faculty interaction. Our faculty is always willing to clear doubts of students even individually, if required. Our focus is better results through conceptual clarity and constant support instead of increasing the batch size.

Interview Guidance
Owing to its importance in determining rank of candidates, we provide guidance right from the beginning of the preparation phase. We conduct mock interviews, consisting a panel of former bureaucrats, personality experts and subject experts in preparing for the final lap. Each mock interview is video recorded, shown to candidates later. A thorough feedback and suggestions are given to the aspirants as