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Sr. Subject Topic Upload Date
1 Governance Central Social Welfare Board Part 1 26/05/2021:03:53:PM
2 Governance Governance FFMA I 26/05/2021:03:56:PM
3 Governance Governance The French Revolution I 26/05/2021:03:57:PM
4 Governance Governance The French Revolution-II 26/05/2021:03:59:PM
5 Governance Governance-2 26/05/2021:04:00:PM
6 Indian Polity Parliamentary 09/06/2021:06:03:PM
7 Indian Polity Democracy 08/06/2021:06:08:PM
8 Indian Polity Democracy part 2 09/06/2021:05:30:PM
9 Governance Central Social Welfare Board Part 2 26/05/2021:04:02:PM
10 Governance Governance-1 26/05/2021:04:03:PM
11 Governance Introduction of Governance 26/05/2021:04:04:PM
12 Governance Good governance 26/05/2021:04:14:PM
14 PSIR Strategic and Ideological Bipolarity 01/02/2021:01:19:PM
15 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Lessons by Great Leaders 01/02/2021:04:46:PM
16 Governance BARRIERS TO GOOD GOVERNANCE 26/05/2021:04:15:PM
17 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude ETHICAL VALUES Part 1 01/02/2021:04:47:PM
18 PSIR Rise of Western U.S.A. Hegemony 01/02/2021:01:20:PM
19 Governance E Governance 26/05/2021:04:16:PM
20 Governance citizen charter 26/05/2021:04:19:PM
21 Governance Public Sector Reforms 26/05/2021:04:20:PM
22 PSIR Hegemony 16/01/2021:04:48:PM
23 Governance Governance Corporate Governance 26/05/2021:04:21:PM
24 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude ETHICAL VALUES Part 2 01/02/2021:04:43:PM
25 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude EXTRA TOPIC IN ETHICS 01/02/2021:04:45:PM
27 Governance STATUTORY BODIES 26/05/2021:04:22:PM
28 Governance STATUTORY BODIES 2 26/05/2021:04:23:PM
29 PSIR conferences 01/02/2021:01:22:PM
30 Governance STATUTORY BODIES NCBC NCM CDP OR CCDP 26/05/2021:04:25:PM
31 Governance Regulatory Bodies Introduction 26/05/2021:04:26:PM
32 Governance CERC AERB CPCB IWAI 26/05/2021:04:27:PM
33 Governance Other Statutory Bodies 26/05/2021:04:28:PM
34 PSIR conferences part 2 16/01/2021:05:00:PM
35 Governance Judicial bodies 26/05/2021:04:29:PM
36 Governance Law for Vulnerable sections 26/05/2021:04:30:PM
37 Governance LAWS FOR VULNERABLE SECTIONS PART 2 26/05/2021:04:30:PM
38 PSIR Meetings of Super Powers 16/01/2021:05:02:PM
39 Governance RTI and SOCIAL AUDIT 26/05/2021:04:31:PM
40 PSIR PACTS OF COLD WAR 16/01/2021:05:03:PM
41 PSIR PSIR 13/10/2020:12:42:PM
42 PSIR Suez Canal Crisis 16/01/2021:05:07:PM
43 PSIR Detant 16/01/2021:05:08:PM
44 PSIR Carter Doctrine 16/01/2021:05:09:PM
45 PSIR Meeting of USA and Russian President 16/01/2021:05:10:PM
46 PSIR impacts of cold war on world politics 16/01/2021:05:12:PM
47 PSIR Farmers 16/01/2021:05:13:PM
48 PSIR NAM 16/01/2021:05:15:PM
49 PSIR NAM part 2 16/01/2021:05:16:PM
50 Indian Polity Parliamentary System 09/06/2021:05:32:PM
51 Indian Polity Features of Constitution 09/06/2021:05:33:PM
52 PSIR CPIR 16/01/2021:05:17:PM
53 Indian Polity Premble 09/06/2021:05:35:PM
54 Indian Polity Liberty 14/06/2021:04:48:PM
55 Indian Polity Article 5 to Article 13 14/06/2021:04:49:PM
56 PSIR Bretton Woods 16/01/2021:05:19:PM
57 Indian Polity Article 14 to Article 16 14/06/2021:04:50:PM
58 Indian Polity Article 17 to Article 18 14/06/2021:05:45:PM
59 Indian Polity Article 19 to Article 20 14/06/2021:05:45:PM
60 PSIR Bretton Woods part 2 16/01/2021:05:21:PM
61 Indian Polity Article 20 to Article 21 14/06/2021:05:46:PM
62 PSIR WTO 16/01/2021:05:22:PM
63 Indian Polity Article 21 to 24 14/06/2021:05:46:PM
64 Indian Polity Article 25 to 30 14/06/2021:05:47:PM
65 Indian Polity Article 31 to Article 32 14/06/2021:05:49:PM
66 Indian Polity Article 34 14/06/2021:05:50:PM
67 PSIR Globalization 16/01/2021:05:23:PM
68 Indian Polity Fundamental Duties 14/06/2021:05:51:PM
69 Indian Polity Impeachment 14/06/2021:05:52:PM
70 Indian Polity Legistive power of President 14/06/2021:05:53:PM
71 Indian Polity Financial Power of President and Emergency Powers of President 15/06/2021:02:42:PM
72 Indian Polity financial Emergency 15/06/2021:02:45:PM
73 Indian Polity Vice President 15/06/2021:02:47:PM
74 Indian Polity Prime Minister 15/06/2021:02:49:PM
75 Indian Polity Council of Minister 15/06/2021:02:50:PM
76 PSIR United Nations 01/02/2021:01:23:PM
77 PSIR United Nations part 2 02/02/2021:05:17:PM
78 Indian Polity Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha 15/06/2021:02:51:PM
79 Indian Polity Session in Parliament 15/06/2021:02:58:PM
80 Indian Polity Speaker of Lok Sabha 15/06/2021:02:59:PM
81 PSIR United Nations part 3 05/03/2021:01:54:PM
82 Indian Polity Bills in Parliament 15/06/2021:03:00:PM
83 PSIR UNPKF 05/03/2021:02:00:PM
84 Indian Polity Funds in Parliament 15/06/2021:03:00:PM
85 Indian Polity Budget in the Parliament 16/06/2021:11:44:AM
86 Indian Polity Budget in the Parliament part 2 16/06/2021:11:45:AM
87 Indian Polity supreme Court Started 16/06/2021:11:49:AM
88 PSIR United Nations completed 05/03/2021:02:01:PM
89 Indian Polity Power of Supreme Court 16/06/2021:11:50:AM
90 PSIR International or Regional Organization 05/03/2021:02:26:PM
91 Indian Polity Union Territories and Anti Defection Law 16/06/2021:11:51:AM
92 PSIR ASEAN AND APEC 05/03/2021:03:28:PM
93 Indian Polity Election Commission 16/06/2021:11:53:AM
94 Indian Polity Constitutional and Non Constitutional 16/06/2021:11:57:AM
95 PSIR SAARC and OPEC 05/03/2021:03:30:PM
96 Indian Polity Handouts of Indian Polity 16/06/2021:11:57:AM
97 PSIR SAARC and OPEC part 2 05/03/2021:03:32:PM
98 PSIR RCEP and EAS 05/03/2021:03:33:PM
99 PSIR RCEP part 2 06/03/2021:09:42:AM
100 PSIR RCEP part 3 06/03/2021:03:21:PM
101 PSIR Democracy and Human Rights 12/03/2021:11:26:AM
102 PSIR Human Rights 14/03/2021:12:52:PM
103 PSIR Democracy part 2 17/03/2021:04:48:PM
104 Indian Polity Indian Polity 16/06/2021:11:59:AM
105 PSIR Democracy part 3 18/03/2021:12:18:PM
106 Indian Polity Parliament 16/06/2021:12:00:PM
107 PSIR Sammer 22/03/2021:03:37:PM
108 Indian Polity Parliament Part 2 16/06/2021:12:01:PM
109 PSIR Democracy 23/03/2021:01:25:PM
110 Indian Polity Parliament Part 3 16/06/2021:12:01:PM
111 Indian Polity Article 5 to 14 16/06/2021:12:02:PM
112 Indian Polity Article 15 to 19 16/06/2021:12:03:PM
113 Indian Polity Article 20 16/06/2021:12:04:PM
114 Indian Polity Introduction 16/06/2021:12:05:PM
115 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Introduction 16/04/2021:02:26:PM
116 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Leaders Administrators and Reformers 16/04/2021:02:26:PM
117 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Socrates 16/04/2021:02:27:PM
118 NAM 16/04/2021:05:30:PM
119 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Values and Ethics in Public Relation 16/04/2021:05:35:PM
120 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Inclucation of Human values 23/04/2021:12:59:PM
121 Indo - China 23/04/2021:01:57:PM
122 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Foundational Values For Civil Services 01/05/2021:12:09:PM
123 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Attitude 24/04/2021:11:29:AM
124 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Formation of Attitude and Political Attitude 20/05/2021:02:43:PM
125 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE started 27/04/2021:03:00:PM
126 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Leadership Skill 01/05/2021:12:06:PM
127 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Emotional Quotient 01/05/2021:12:04:PM
128 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Forgiveness 30/04/2021:11:49:AM
129 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Cowardice 01/05/2021:11:59:AM
130 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Altruism Truth 07/05/2021:05:41:PM
131 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Honesty Integrity 07/05/2021:05:44:PM
132 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Power Prudence 07/05/2021:05:51:PM
133 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Envy Sloth Avarice 07/05/2021:05:55:PM
134 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Socrates 08/05/2021:01:24:PM
135 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Socrates Completed and PLATO Started 13/05/2021:12:37:PM
136 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Socrates Discussed 13/05/2021:03:29:PM
137 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Plato Metaphysics 14/05/2021:11:38:AM
138 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Plato Metaphysics Virtue Idea of Good and Republic 15/05/2021:03:31:PM
139 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Aristotle Started 18/05/2021:11:30:AM
140 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Aristotle completed and Epicurus or Epicureanism 20/05/2021:11:15:AM
141 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Stoics or Stoicism 20/05/2021:12:18:PM
142 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Utilitarianism and Kantianism 22/05/2021:03:30:PM
143 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Hinduism and Yugas 26/05/2021:01:13:PM
144 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Hinduism Completed and Jainism Started 26/05/2021:01:14:PM
145 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Jainism and Buddhism Completed 27/05/2021:11:25:AM
146 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Lession from the lives of Great Indian Leaders 28/05/2021:01:02:PM
147 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Lession from the lives of Great Indian Leaders Administrators and Reformers 03/06/2021:12:00:PM
148 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Ram Krishna Paramhans or Sikhism and Islam Complted 03/06/2021:12:02:PM
149 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Christianity or Zoroastrianism and Judaism 03/06/2021:12:05:PM
150 Current Affairs Current Affairs 19/06/2021:11:28:AM
151 PSIR CPIR 19/06/2021:11:36:AM
152 PSIR Approaches to Comparative Politics 19/06/2021:12:53:PM
153 PSIR Limitations of Comparative Politics 24/06/2021:12:17:PM
154 Current Affairs Introduction Completed and Topic Started 24/06/2021:12:30:PM
155 PSIR State in Comparative Prospective 24/06/2021:12:43:PM
156 PSIR What is State and Its Type 22/06/2021:02:05:PM
157 PSIR Electro System and Party System 23/06/2021:12:00:AM
158 PSIR Single Party System and Two Party System 24/06/2021:12:00:AM
159 PSIR List of Political Parties in the world 25/06/2021:12:00:AM
160 PSIR Chapter 4 and 5 Both Globalization 30/06/2021:12:00:AM
161 PSIR National Interest 01/07/2021:12:00:AM
162 Current Affairs Men and Women Report and Kumbh Mela 03/07/2021:12:00:AM
163 World War I Started 05/07/2021:12:00:AM
164 PSIR Sucurity and Power 05/07/2021:12:00:AM
165 world war 1 completed 06/07/2021:12:00:AM
166 world war 2 Started 07/07/2021:12:00:AM
167 PSIR Deterrence 07/07/2021:12:00:AM
168 world war 2 completed 08/07/2021:12:00:AM
169 Cold War 2 Completed 09/07/2021:12:00:AM
170 Indo China Started 12/07/2021:12:00:AM
171 Indo China Completetd 13/07/2021:12:00:AM
172 Indo Japan Started 15/07/2021:12:00:AM
173 Indo Japan Completed and Russia Started 16/07/2021:12:00:AM
174 Indo European Union 20/07/2021:12:00:AM
175 PSIR Balance of Power 12/07/2021:12:00:AM
176 PSIR Demo Class 15/07/2021:12:00:AM
177 PSIR Demo Class 2 16/07/2021:12:00:AM
178 PSIR Theory of State started 20/07/2021:12:00:AM
179 Current Affairs Code of Conduct 10/07/2021:12:00:AM
180 Indo UK and Germany and Indo US 23/07/2021:12:00:AM
181 PSIR Theory of State 23/07/2021:12:00:AM
182 Current Affairs Right to Forget 24/07/2021:12:00:AM
183 Indo USA and Indo Nepal 24/07/2021:12:00:AM
184 PSIR Concept of equality 13/08/2021:12:00:AM
185 Indo Pakistan Started 26/07/2021:12:00:AM
186 Kashmir Issue 27/07/2021:12:00:AM
187 Indo Afghanistan Started 28/07/2021:12:00:AM
188 International Organization 29/07/2021:12:00:AM
189 PSIR Post Colonial State 26/07/2021:12:00:AM
190 PSIR Paper 1 Chapter 1 and 2 complted 27/07/2021:12:00:AM
191 PSIR Approaches to States Pol Sci 29/07/2021:12:00:AM
192 Internal Security Introduction 02/08/2021:12:00:AM
193 MGC and G8 or G20 02/08/2021:12:00:AM
194 Internal Security Terrorism 03/08/2021:12:00:AM
195 United Nation 03/08/2021:12:00:AM
196 PSIR Discussion about the Concept of Justice 16/08/2021:12:00:AM
197 Internal Security AFSPA at 1958 and 1990 04/08/2021:12:00:AM
198 Diaspork 04/08/2021:12:00:AM
199 Right to Forget 06/08/2021:12:00:AM
200 Internal Security Naxalism 06/08/2021:12:00:AM
201 Current Affairs Cyber and S4 07/08/2021:12:00:AM
202 Internal Security North East Issues 10/08/2021:12:00:AM
203 Internal Security Cyber and Drugs 11/08/2021:12:00:AM
204 Internal Security Fake Currency Notes and Communalism 12/08/2021:12:00:AM
205 Internal Security Paramilitary Forces Syllabus Complted 13/08/2021:12:00:AM
206 PSIR Justice 10/08/2021:12:00:AM
207 PSIR Topic of Equality 11/08/2021:12:00:AM
208 PSIR Affirmative Action 24/08/2021:12:00:AM
209 Candidates will be required to write an essay on a specific topic Essay Writing 1st Class Discussion 24/08/2021:12:00:AM
210 Candidates will be required to write an essay on a specific topic Essay Writing Poverty 25/08/2021:12:00:AM
211 Candidates will be required to write an essay on a specific topic Essay Writing Level 3 26/08/2021:12:00:AM
212 Candidates will be required to write an essay on a specific topic Discussion of Essay 2020 21 27/08/2021:12:00:AM
213 PSIR IPT AND WPD 27/08/2021:12:00:AM
214 Governance First Class Discussion 02/09/2021:12:00:AM
215 Governance Good Governance and E Governance 03/09/2021:12:00:AM
216 PSIR Last Class Syllabus Complte 04/09/2021:12:00:AM
217 Current Affairs E Nam and Rule of Law 04/09/2021:12:00:AM
218 Governance citizen charter 07/09/2021:12:00:AM
219 Governance Corporative Governance 08/09/2021:12:00:AM
220 Governance Statutory Bodies NCW 09/09/2021:12:00:AM
221 Governance IRDAI or SEBI and Other Regulator Bodies 13/09/2021:12:00:AM
222 Governance Quasi Judicial Bodies 14/09/2021:12:00:AM
223 Governance SC and ST Atrocities Act 1989 15/09/2021:12:00:AM
224 Governance Domestic Violence Act 2005 and POSCO Act 2012 16/09/2021:12:00:AM
225 Governance US or UK and French Constitution 17/09/2021:12:00:AM
226 Governance RTI 20/09/2021:12:00:AM
227 Governance RPA 1951 and SHGS 21/09/2021:12:00:AM
228 Current Affairs Afghanistan Issue 25/09/2021:12:00:AM
229 PSIR Demo Class 28/09/2021:12:00:AM
230 PSIR Demo Class 2 29/09/2021:12:00:AM
231 Indian Polity Introduction of Indian polity 04/10/2021:12:00:AM
232 Indian Polity Basics of Indian Polity 05/10/2021:12:00:AM
233 Indian Polity basic of indian polity part 2 07/10/2021:12:00:AM
234 Indian Polity Parliamentary System 06/10/2021:12:00:AM
235 Indian Polity ARTICLE 1 TO 3 08/10/2021:12:00:AM
236 Indian Polity Indian Polity 11/10/2021:12:00:AM
237 Indian Polity article 17-19 14/10/2021:12:00:AM
238 Current Affairs Maritime routs 09/10/2021:12:00:AM
239 Indian Polity Article 22 and 21 18/10/2021:12:00:AM
240 Indian Polity Article 23 to 24 and Students Practical 19/10/2021:12:00:AM
241 Indian Polity Article 25 to 30 20/10/2021:12:00:AM
242 Indian Polity Article 32 to 34 Martial Law 22/10/2021:12:00:AM
243 Current Affairs Maritime Laws and Other Topics 23/10/2021:12:00:AM
244 Indian Polity Fundamental Duties 25/10/2021:12:00:AM
245 Indian Polity Parliament Started 26/10/2021:12:00:AM
246 Indian Polity Art 352 National 27/10/2021:12:00:AM
247 Indian Polity Vice President and PM 28/10/2021:12:00:AM
248 Current Affairs Policy Reform 30/10/2021:12:00:AM
249 Indian Polity Parliament Started 12/11/2021:12:00:AM
250 Indian Polity Prime Minister 09/11/2021:12:00:AM
251 Current Affairs STUDENT POLITICS 13/11/2021:12:00:AM
252 Indian Polity Speaker of Lok Sabha 15/11/2021:12:00:AM
253 Indian Polity Motion in Parliament 16/11/2021:12:00:AM
254 PSIR American West 16/11/2021:12:00:AM
255 Indian Polity Ordinary Bill 18/11/2021:12:00:AM
256 Indian Polity Money Bill and Finance Bill 19/11/2021:12:00:AM
257 Current Affairs Science and Tech 20/11/2021:12:00:AM
258 PSIR USSR 20/11/2021:12:00:AM
259 Indian Polity Supreme Court 22/11/2021:12:00:AM
260 PSIR EUROPEAN UNION 22/11/2021:12:00:AM
261 Indian Polity Supreme Court Power and Jurisdiction 23/11/2021:12:00:AM
262 Indian Polity High Court 24/11/2021:12:00:AM
263 PSIR Judaism 24/11/2021:12:00:AM
264 Indian Polity Anti Defection Law 26/11/2021:12:00:AM
265 Indian Polity Union Territory 25/11/2021:12:00:AM
266 Indian Polity UPSC and Finance Commission and National Commission for Scheduled Cates and Trbies 29/11/2021:12:00:AM
267 Indian Polity Syllabus Complete 30/11/2021:12:00:AM
268 PSIR Judaism part 2 01/12/2021:12:00:AM
269 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Discussion Ethics 02/12/2021:12:00:AM
270 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Discussion Ethics Part 2 03/12/2021:12:00:AM
271 PSIR Issaq Geacide 03/12/2021:12:00:AM
272 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Leaders and Reformer 06/12/2021:12:00:AM
273 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Role of Family and Society 07/12/2021:12:00:AM
274 PSIR Monalism 06/12/2021:12:00:AM
275 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Foundational Values of Civil Services 08/12/2021:12:00:AM
276 PSIR Vladimir Lenin 08/12/2021:12:00:AM
277 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Attitude 09/12/2021:12:00:AM
278 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Emotional Intelligency 10/12/2021:12:00:AM
279 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Emotional Quotient 14/12/2021:12:00:AM
280 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Emotional Quotient Part 2 14/12/2021:12:00:AM
281 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude kindness of give 15/12/2021:12:00:AM
282 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Western Modern Thickness 17/12/2021:12:00:AM
283 Current Affairs Indo China 18/12/2021:12:00:AM
284 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Plato 20/12/2021:12:00:AM
285 PSIR Statutory of topics 20/12/2021:12:00:AM
286 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Plato Metaphysics 21/12/2021:12:00:AM
287 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Aristotle 22/12/2021:12:00:AM
288 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Hinduism 23/12/2021:12:00:AM
289 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Test 24/12/2021:12:00:AM
290 PSIR Bismarck 24/12/2021:12:00:AM
291 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Ethics 03/01/2022:12:00:AM
292 PSIR PSIR 03/01/2022:12:00:AM
293 Current Affairs Current Affairs in English 07/01/2022:12:00:AM
294 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Religious 04/01/2022:12:00:AM
295 Social Issues Indian society national issue 18/01/2022:12:00:AM
296 PSIR world war 2 Started 18/01/2022:12:00:AM
297 Indian Polity indian society and social issues 19/01/2022:12:00:AM
298 Indian Polity Social issue 14/01/2022:12:00:AM
299 PSIR world war 2 completed 21/01/2022:12:00:AM
300 Social Issues social issues - secularism 21/01/2022:12:00:AM
301 Indian Polity social issue 24/01/2022:12:00:AM
302 PSIR Paper - 2 Part - A CPIR 24/01/2022:12:00:AM
303 Superpower 25/01/2022:12:00:AM
304 Social Issues Social issues - OBCs 25/01/2022:12:00:AM
305 Social Issues Youth unrest 27/01/2022:12:00:AM
306 Doctrines of cold war 27/01/2022:12:00:AM
307 Social Issues Child abuse 28/01/2022:12:00:AM
308 Current Affairs Current Affairs in English 29/01/2022:12:00:AM
309 PSIR NATO 29/01/2022:12:00:AM
310 Social Issues Social issue- Poverty 17/01/2022:12:00:AM
311 World war I 17/01/2022:12:00:AM
312 Social Issues social issues - Child labour 31/01/2022:12:00:AM
313 Cold war and Disintegration of the USSR 31/01/2022:12:00:AM
314 PSIR Manhattan Project 01/02/2022:12:00:AM
315 Social Issues Crime against women 01/02/2022:12:00:AM
316 Social Issues Intoxication and Acid Attacks 02/02/2022:12:00:AM
317 Cold war topics 02/02/2022:12:00:AM
318 Social Issues Social issues and Indian society completed 04/02/2022:12:00:AM
319 Marshall plan and Molotov plan 04/02/2022:12:00:AM
320 Current Affairs Current Affairs 05/02/2022:12:00:AM
321 Orientation Class Orientation Class - I 08/02/2022:12:00:AM
322 PSIR Cold war 08/02/2022:12:00:AM
323 Orientation Class Orientation Class - II 09/02/2022:12:00:AM
324 PSIR Impact of cold war 09/02/2022:12:00:AM
325 Orientation Class Orientation class - III 10/02/2022:12:00:AM
326 Orientation Class Orientation class - IV 11/02/2022:12:00:AM
327 PSIR PSIR 11/02/2022:12:00:AM
328 Current Affairs Current Affairs 12/02/2022:12:00:AM
329 Governance Class- I 14/02/2022:12:00:AM
330 PSIR Non- Aligned Movement 14/02/2022:12:00:AM
331 Governance Class- II What is good Governence 15/02/2022:12:00:AM
332 PSIR NATO vs Russia 15/02/2022:12:00:AM
333 Governance Barriers to Good Governance 16/02/2022:12:00:AM
334 PSIR WTO 16/02/2022:12:00:AM
335 Governance Citizen charter 18/02/2022:12:00:AM
336 PSIR Globalisation 18/02/2022:12:00:AM
337 Current Affairs Current Affairs 19/02/2022:12:00:AM
338 Governance Public Sector 21/02/2022:12:00:AM
339 PSIR United Nations 21/02/2022:12:00:AM
340 Governance Corporate Governance 22/02/2022:12:00:AM
341 PSIR UNSC and JCJ 22/02/2022:12:00:AM
342 Governance Legal Framework of Corporate Governance 23/02/2022:12:00:AM
343 PSIR Specialised Agencies of UN 23/02/2022:12:00:AM
344 Governance Statutory and Regulatory Bodies 25/02/2022:12:00:AM
346 Current Affairs Current Affairs 26/02/2022:12:00:AM
347 PSIR Paper- II Part- A Chapter-10 28/02/2022:12:00:AM
348 Governance Regulatory Bodies Completed 28/02/2022:12:00:AM
349 Governance NGT, ITAT, EPFAT, CESTAT 02/03/2022:12:00:AM
350 PSIR APEC, SAARC 02/03/2022:12:00:AM
351 Governance Vulnerable Sections Started and Civil Rights Act, 1955 03/03/2022:12:00:AM
352 PSIR SCO, BRICS, LEP, AEP etc. 03/03/2022:12:00:AM
353 Governance Forest Rights Act, 2006 04/03/2022:12:00:AM
354 Current Affairs Current Affairs in English 05/03/2022:12:00:AM
355 Governance Domestic Violence Act 2005 , Sexual Harrassment of Women Act, and POSCO act 07/03/2022:12:00:AM
356 PSIR LEP or AEP 07/03/2022:12:00:AM
357 Governance Institution bodies for vulnerable Sections 08/03/2022:12:00:AM
358 PSIR NSG, AEP, NAFTA 08/03/2022:12:00:AM
359 Governance British Constitution 09/03/2022:12:00:AM
360 PSIR RCEP, SCO, EAS 09/03/2022:12:00:AM
361 Governance French Constitution, Japanese Constitution, Russian Constitution 10/03/2022:12:00:AM
362 PSIR NT, NSG, MGC, NAFTA 10/03/2022:12:00:AM
363 Current Affairs Current Affairs 12/03/2022:12:00:AM
364 Governance RTI 14/03/2022:12:00:AM
365 PSIR NPT, Human Rights 14/03/2022:12:00:AM
366 Governance Social Audit , RPA or ROPA Act , 1951 22/03/2022:12:00:AM
367 PSIR Terrorism and Nuclear 22/03/2022:12:00:AM
368 Governance NGOs and Role of civil services in a democracy 23/03/2022:12:00:AM
369 PSIR Human Rights in World and Environment 24/03/2022:12:00:AM
370 Current Affairs Current Affairs 26/03/2022:12:00:AM
371 PSIR Terrorism 30/03/2022:12:00:AM
372 PSIR Paper - II (I.W) Part- A Ch - 1 Indian Foreign Policy 31/03/2022:12:00:AM
373 Governance CS 01/04/2022:12:00:AM
374 Current Affairs Current Affairs 02/04/2022:12:00:AM
375 PSIR Special Class - Foreign Policy 09/04/2022:12:00:AM
379 PSIR paper- 2 part-A chapter-3 26/04/2022:01:30:PM
380 PSIR Political parties 27/04/2022:01:00:PM
381 PSIR SINGLE PARTY SYSTEM 28/04/2022:01:30:PM
382 PSIR Handouts 06/05/2022:02:00:PM
383 Current Affairs Current Affairs 07/05/2022:01:00:PM
384 PSIR security 12/05/2022:01:30:PM
385 PSIR National Interest 10/05/2022:02:00:PM
386 PSIR Political Theory 16/05/2022:01:30:PM
387 PSIR Approaches to Study Political Science 18/05/2022:01:30:PM
388 PSIR Justice 20/05/2022:01:30:PM
389 PSIR Equality 25/05/2022:01:30:PM
390 PSIR ch-5, ch-6 Paper- I part- A - PTIP 27/05/2022:01:30:PM
391 Indian Polity Introduction 02/06/2022:05:30:PM
392 Indian Polity Indian Polity 03/06/2022:05:30:PM
393 Indian Polity Indian Polity & key words 07/06/2022:05:30:PM
394 Indian Polity Preamble 10/06/2022:05:30:PM
395 Indian Polity Basics of Indian polity 08/06/2022:05:30:PM
396 Indian Polity key words of Indian polity 13/06/2022:05:30:PM
397 Indian Polity Act 1 - Act 4 14/06/2022:05:30:PM
398 Indian Polity Act 5 - Act 11 15/06/2022:05:30:PM
399 Indian Polity 9th Claim of Indian polity, Act 14 - Act 17 17/06/2022:05:30:PM
400 Indian Polity 5th Claim of Indian Polity 24/06/2022:05:30:PM
401 Indian Polity 5th Claim of Indian Polity 28/06/2022:05:30:PM
402 Indian Polity 7th Claim of Indian Polity, ACT 19-21 29/06/2022:05:30:PM
403 Indian Polity Election to President, Power 04/07/2022:05:30:PM
404 Indian Polity Executive, Legislative, Judicial 05/07/2022:05:30:PM
405 Indian Polity Emergency 06/07/2022:05:00:PM
406 Indian Polity Vice President, Prime Minister 07/07/2022:05:30:PM
407 PSIR Orientation 06/07/2022:01:15:PM
408 PSIR Orientation 08/07/2022:01:15:PM
409 PSIR Orientation 11/07/2022:01:15:PM
410 Indian Polity Council of Minister Attorney Gen. Of 11/07/2022:05:30:PM
411 Indian Polity Parliament 12/07/2022:05:30:PM
412 PSIR USSR 13/07/2022:01:15:PM
413 Indian Polity Motion, Discussion in Parliament 14/07/2022:05:30:PM
414 PSIR Europe 15/07/2022:01:15:PM
415 PSIR Empire as a Continent 17/07/2022:01:30:PM
416 Indian Polity State Executive 17/07/2022:11:00:AM
417 Indian Polity Parliament 19/07/2022:05:30:PM
418 Indian Polity Syllabus Completed 21/07/2022:05:30:PM
419 Indian Polity Constitutional and non-constitutional bodies 20/07/2022:05:30:PM
420 PSIR World War - 1 30/07/2022:09:00:AM
421 Current Affairs Current Affairs 30/07/2022:11:30:AM
422 PSIR World War - II 31/07/2022:12:30:PM
423 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Introduction 02/08/2022:11:00:AM
424 Governance Introduction 02/08/2022:04:00:PM
425 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude 2nd class leaders 04/08/2022:11:00:AM
426 Governance features 04/08/2022:04:00:PM
427 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Role of family & Society 05/08/2022:11:00:AM
428 Governance E - Governance 05/08/2022:04:00:PM
429 PSIR Judaism 06/08/2022:02:30:PM
430 PSIR Russian Federation 07/08/2022:10:00:AM
431 Governance Public Sector 10/08/2022:04:00:PM
432 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Emotional Intelligence 10/08/2022:11:00:AM
433 PSIR Russian Revolution 14/08/2022:11:30:AM
434 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Emotional quotient 16/08/2022:11:00:AM
435 Governance statutory bodies 16/08/2022:04:00:PM
436 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Kindness 17/08/2022:11:00:AM
437 Governance IRDAI, SEBI 17/08/2022:04:00:PM
438 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Truth 18/08/2022:11:00:AM
439 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude western thinkers 22/08/2022:11:00:AM
440 Governance CERC AND AERB 22/08/2022:04:00:PM
441 PSIR project campus 21/08/2022:11:30:AM
442 PSIR joseph stalim 20/08/2022:10:00:AM
443 Governance gover_2022-08-23 16-07-59.mp4 23/08/2022:04:00:PM
444 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude plato, metaphysics 23/08/2022:01:30:PM
445 Governance Vulnerable Sections 24/08/2022:04:00:PM
446 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Aristotle 25/08/2022:11:00:AM
447 Governance Vulnerable Sections 25/08/2022:04:00:PM
448 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Hinduism 26/08/2022:11:00:AM
449 PSIR Capitalism 27/08/2022:02:00:PM
450 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude jainism 29/08/2022:11:00:AM
451 Governance Domestic violence Act 29/08/2022:04:00:PM
452 Governance russian const, RTI 31/08/2022:04:00:PM
453 Governance ROPA, 1951 01/09/2022:04:00:PM
454 International Relation Introduction 02/09/2022:11:00:AM
455 PSIR Capitalism, communism 03/09/2022:10:30:AM
456 Current Affairs Current Affairs 03/09/2022:11:30:AM
457 International Relation discussion 05/09/2022:11:00:AM
458 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude ARC REPORT 01/09/2022:11:00:AM
459 International Relation World War - 1 06/09/2022:11:00:AM
460 International Relation World War - II 07/09/2022:11:00:AM
461 International Relation World War - II 08/09/2022:11:00:AM
462 International Relation Cold War 09/09/2022:11:00:AM
463 PSIR Israil 10/09/2022:09:30:AM
464 Governance GOVERNANCE 10/09/2022:11:45:AM
465 International Relation Indo - china 12/09/2022:11:00:AM
466 International Relation Indo - china - japan 13/09/2022:11:00:AM
467 International Relation Japan 15/09/2022:11:00:AM
468 International Relation Russia 16/09/2022:11:00:AM
469 Indian Polity Artical 21 23/06/2022:05:30:PM
470 International Relation Indo - U.S.A 20/09/2022:11:00:AM
471 International Relation Indo - Nepal, Myanmar 21/09/2022:11:00:AM
472 International Relation Indo-Pakistan 22/09/2022:11:00:AM
473 PSIR Super Power 18/09/2022:02:30:PM
474 PSIR Collapse of USSR 24/09/2022:10:00:AM
475 International Relation Indo-Pakistan 28/09/2022:11:00:AM
476 International Relation Indo - Afganistan 29/10/2022:11:00:AM
477 International Relation Indo - Bangladesh 30/10/2022:11:00:AM
478 International Relation Essay Writing 01/10/2022:11:00:AM
479 International Relation International, other Issues 03/10/2022:11:00:AM
480 International Relation International, other Issues 03/10/2022:11:00:AM
481 Internal Security Terrorism 07/10/2022:11:00:AM
482 Internal Security Introduction 06/10/2022:11:00:AM
483 PSIR New cold war 09/10/2022:11:30:AM
484 Internal Security NIA, TADA 10/10/2022:11:00:AM
485 Internal Security Kashmir 11/10/2022:11:00:AM
486 Internal Security Naxalism 12/10/2022:11:00:AM
487 Internal Security Cyber Issues 13/10/2022:11:00:AM
488 PSIR Meeting of USA and Russian President 15/10/2022:04:30:PM
489 PSIR NAM 16/10/2022:04:30:PM
490 Internal Security FORCES 16/10/2022:02:00:PM
491 Governance features of good governance 03/11/2022:11:00:AM
492 Governance PEOPLWS 04/11/2022:11:00:AM
493 PSIR CPIR 06/11/2022:09:00:AM
494 Governance PSV 07/11/2022:11:00:AM
495 Governance NCW 08/11/2022:11:00:AM
496 Governance section 161 10/11/2022:11:00:AM
497 PSIR United Nations 12/11/2022:04:00:PM
498 Governance Institution 15/11/2022:11:00:AM
499 Governance British and French CONSTITUTION 17/11/2022:11:00:AM
500 Governance RTI, Social Audit 18/11/2022:11:00:AM
501 Governance RTI 21/11/2022:11:00:AM
502 Governance GOVERNANCE 09/11/2022:11:00:AM
503 Governance American constitution 16/11/2022:11:00:AM
504 Internal Security Internal Security 14/10/2022:11:00:AM
505 Governance ViVa 22/11/2022:11:00:AM
506 PSIR LEP, AEP, SCO 27/11/2022:02:00:PM
507 PSIR psir 03/12/2022:04:30:PM
508 PSIR Indian P.M 17/12/2022:04:00:PM
509 PSIR Paper-2 24/12/2022:04:00:PM
510 PSIR Paper-2 24/12/2022:04:00:PM
511 PSIR Indian Foreign Policies 10/12/2022:09:00:AM
512 Current Affairs Police Commissionerate System 03/01/2023:11:30:AM
513 Current Affairs SADC 04/01/2023:11:30:AM
514 PSIR Paper-2 07/01/2023:04:00:PM
516 PSIR State in Development 14/01/2023:04:00:PM
517 PSIR Paper-2 28/01/2023:04:00:PM
518 PSIR Globalization 22/01/2023:09:00:AM
519 PSIR Approaches to Study Political Science 04/02/2023:04:00:PM